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06-07-2009, 09:03 PM
Yes, I know there are hundreds of thousands of exhaust posts on here. I'm sorry to beat a dead horse or wake the sleeping giant or whatever........ What I need is some up to date professional advise:

I currently own a force exhaust system origionally installed on my bike by Nallin racing in 2003 when the converted my xb9r to an xb12r.
I bought the bike last month from a guy who dyno tested his own custom exhaust (actually just long headers). They are powerful and loud as hell! Just worried about back pressure issues to my valves.

The bike only has 1500 miles on it and I am unsure of how many miles were put on either exhaust (the stock got changed to the force at 300mi).

Now, I would like to put on the force pipe again, bit the mounting brackets are broken at the welds (the pipe from 03 had two circle brackets welded to the pipe. These brackets fit in the two stock "crescent shaped" muffler mounts on the bike.

I called Nallin and they said to just buy a new pipe.

No shop will weld the brackets back on for me.
I have a friend who is a master welder- I can have him do the welding and I can mount the pipe myself, but is it worth it?

Should I just buy a new Force pipe?
Should I forget Force and look at a different exhaust system?

Any advise helps-

Thanks guys!