View Full Version : Picked up a 2000 Buell Blast

05-22-2019, 08:31 PM
So, I picked up a 2000 Buell Blast with 7700 miles on it for my lady to learn to ride. (She's been doing fantastic!)
The bike has a Corbin Seat, Buell Pro Series intake and exhaust. It seems to stumble a bit when idling once the bike gets up to temp. It also seems to bog when you get on the throttle for 2-3seconds before it really gets going.
We've owned the bike for a week as of tomorrow. So far all we've done is order some cosmetic stuff for her and a new Buell low seat and battery. We got the bike from my buddy for $800. Runs and rides, I road it home.

I've done some research and here are my thoughts.
This weekend I'm going to check the spark plug and most likely replace with Denso (5731) IXU01-27.
Replace fuel filter. (Any recommendations?)
I'm going to pull the carb and check the boot and see if it's been jetted since it has intake and exhaust.
If it's not jetted, I was going to contact 6 sigma about a jet kit for it. (Unless someone else has other recommendations)
While I'm in there, I suppose I should shim needle 0.050"
I'm also going to try and better support the intake as I read it causes those boots to fail when you use anything other than the factory box.

One last thing, that I'll probably have to sort myself, but maybe someone knows. She was riding it around in the parking lot yesterday evening and towards the end of the ride, it developed what sounds like a metal rattle coming from somewhere around the rear suspension. I can't seem to find anything loose upon first inspection. It almost sounds like a screw rattling on a tin tray when you rev the bike. I'm not super concerned with it at the moment as It's definitely not coming from the engine and my main concern is to get the bike it better running order before paint and cosmetic mods begin.

Is there anything I missed?