View Full Version : Nice to be back!

06-18-2009, 05:14 AM
Just picked up an 08 1125R. What a difference from my XB12R! Looking forward to some fun rides Hopefully I don't cream a deer with this one

06-18-2009, 05:15 AM
Congrats man!!! Keep us posted on what you do with your bike, and some detailed reviews!!

06-18-2009, 05:37 AM
http://users.telenet.be/mdr/fun/smiley/welcome.gif to the Forum Shoeshine! And Congrats on the new bike. Post up some pics. :D A review of likes/dislikes between the 1125R & XB12R would definitely be cool. Glad to have you on the Board.

06-22-2009, 02:09 AM
I'll get some pics up soon. Brought in in for the break-in service and a recall on the front brake line. This bike runs soooooo much better than my XB12R and goes like a raped ape! Going to check posts for the best pipe and add one in the future. Can't beat that V-Twin on steroids sound!!!