View Full Version : rear axle spacer!!!

08-09-2020, 06:32 PM
anyone have a rear axle spacer new or Known good that can post or call/send me specs Spazz has the blast she/I bought and is trying to put it together to ride and doing well so far but the PO rode it with bad rear wheel bearings until the rotor cut through the caliper and bracket, i have these parts but need a spacer or dimensions so I can make one and send to her. anyone near Colorado springs wants to help a gal out get in touch w/me and i will foreward contact info.

08-17-2020, 03:13 PM
Why are you yelling?

I'll get dims later today, for you.

08-17-2020, 04:27 PM
sorry about getting wound up I have two different service manuals and have searched the forums and ....crickets..... no info so thanks for chiming in, I reached out on bad web as well and I am hoping to compile all the bearing spacer info so we can check them when replacing bearings on all models, and even St Paul HD doesnt have it in stock and would need to order and be a week or more out. If i had the specs i have access to materials and equipment make any of them.