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10-20-2020, 01:40 AM
I have an '02 Blast I just purchased for my son. I'm in Maryland, bought the bike in Pennsylvania, and my son's in Michigan. I'm trying to sort as much as I can with this bike prior to delivering it to him some time in November. I spent today working on the carb, doing some adjustments, and now have it running better. Bike has a modified exhaust with some kind of 'crotch-rocket-can' muffler on the end of it. The pipe itself is wrapped in heat tape, and the muffler has that carbon graphite look to it. In all, not bad, but bike was exhibiting a pretty serious off-idle sag. I found a 180 main in it, along with a 45 pilot jet. Both of those seem OK, so I put a spacer on the slide needle and that helped a lot. Most of the sag is now gone. No accellerator pump.....so guess it needs to be richer sooner! Anyway, in running the bike today I noted that the oil pressure light on the speedo isn't working. Not realizing the speedo unit didn't have servicable lamps, I removed it. After discovering there's no hope for that being a 'fix', I reinstalled it and I'm now wondering if the problem might not be oil pressure switch related. So, please correct me if I'm wrong, but if I remove the contact at the sensor and just 'ground' it, the light should illuminate, yes? I haven't done this yet, but I'm of the belief that the oil pressure sensor will 'make' contact when no pressure is present.....so light will be 'on'. And, when running and oil pressure IS present, this will 'break' the internal connection and light will go off, or so I'm thinking? If anyone can confirm this or correct me, I'd really appreciate it. I have a manual, but it's pretty cryptic about this part of the electrical system.

Also, if there's ANYTHING I should know about, and 'correct', prior to turning this over to my son, PLEASE let me know! My son's a new father, and I feel a bit guilty about giving him a motorcycle at all. But, better he get it from me and I know it's safe and fully operable than to go buy one himself and find it's got some serious flaw. He's a good rider, and has had other bikes in the past......and I know he's pretty conservative. If he wasn't he'd be going for something considerably more powerful. But, the Blast fits his current needs......so, I'm happy to help him out. And, I appreciate any help I receive here as well!

Many thanks, Tom D.

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10-20-2020, 01:06 PM
Tom: betting you're down below the Gettysburg area somewhere. just a hunch.

The oil pressure indicator switch is a pressure actuated diaphraghm-style switch. when no circulation and oil pressure is near zero, internal spring tension holds the internal contacts closed, which completes the circuit causing the indicator light to illuminate.
turn key ON...kill switch to ON....remove oil pressure switch wire and ground it. the indicator light should illuminate. if it does NOT you either have a break in the wiring circuit, or faulty indicator bulb.

REPLACE THE OIL PRESSURE SWITCH, if even the slightest doubt of its functionality. critical that it function properly.
factory part #....26554-77D...suffix L6E....infinite amount in dealer system....list is $13.40....fits all P3 blasts...all XB....most all late model tube-frame Buells.

10-20-2020, 03:18 PM
Barrett, thanks for the response and detailed explanation. I was pretty confident about the system working that way, but I don't like to assume anything. I actually printed out the flow chart from the manual that describes the test process....which involves probing cavities in the block connector (20A) looking for 12V or continuity to ground. I also pulled the wire off the sensor but had no 'jumper' wire in order to connect it to ground. I'll get it sorted out today!

So........ how did you come to the conclusion that I'm below the Gettysburg area? I'm actually south of Baltimore, though I'm 'originally' from the Detroit area. I often ride up in PA, and had actually planned to be on my '19 Street Glide Special up in PA tomorrow. Unfortunately, that may not happen as I'm now rather stuck at home 'isolating' after having been in the company of a confirmed C-19 individual. I was hangin' with my neighbors last Wednesday, and one of them got a confirmed C-19 test response on Thursday, and I didn't find out until Friday. I went to CVS to take the C-19 test and have been 'sequestered' since then. It really pisses me off that the guy knew he was exposed and still mixed up with friends and neighbors while waiting for his test results! That's exactly the kind of irresponsible BS that's keeping this damn thing still going! But....too late now! When I next see him, I'll give him an ear-full!!!

Anyway..... I'm going to test the wire and assuming that produces the illumination on the Speedo, then I'll replace the pressure switch. I believe I actually have one or two of those in my tool box from past projects. I think the same 'generic' unit for most automobiles is available at Auto Zone for about $10. Closer than the HD store.

Thanks again! Tom D.

10-21-2020, 01:45 AM
Problem resolved - new sending unit fixed it. Barrett, the part number above appears to be off a bit. My local HD dealer indicated the 26544 was actually 26554. They had one, I bought it, installed it, and it's now working fine!!

Thanks!! Tom D.

11-05-2020, 08:29 PM
Hey, if either of you guys are still watching this thread, do either of you know where there might be a 'parts store' that has a lot of hard-to-find Buell Blast stuff? I'm in need of the front carb mount. This is a molded plastic piece with a bit of limited 'venturi' mouth to it.......so, like a small velocity stack. Probably not hugely significant, but if done away with for something else, 'tuning' might be adversely affected. Anyway, I need that, and also the small little 'nipple' affair that the fuel tank vent hose attaches to. If either of you have any idea where I might find either of those pieces, please let me know......and 'thanks'!

Tom D.

11-05-2020, 10:30 PM
Nobody is stockpiling hard to find Blast parts. Even practically giving them away on eBay is difficult.

Even google showed that part available new for $29.99 from a Harley dealer. They probably dont stock it, but can probably order it from Harley, considering they havent put the parts in a crusher also.

If someone is holding parts, jetlee would know who.



Yes, that is Blast. Possibly crushed by the man himself.