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08-08-2009, 04:07 AM

Does anyone know what kind of muffler this is?

08-08-2009, 04:11 AM
This is my first Buell. Up till now I've been a Harley rider, but I'm having a ball on this bike. It's a 2003 Buell Firebolt XB9R. I got a good deal at Santa Maria Harley.

08-08-2009, 04:14 AM
Looks like race muffler?

08-08-2009, 04:26 AM
Not sure. I can't find any kind of lable or stamp on the muffler that tells me what it is. Like I said, this is my first Buell, so I'm still getting used to the parts. I took the fairing off and it has a Race ECM. The air filter is a K & M. It only had 4200 miles on the odo, but I suspect it has more miles on it than that.

08-08-2009, 04:30 AM
I was just in Santa Maria a few hours ago installing a new television network on over the air channel 40(I think)

Yup that's a race pipe.

Congrats on the new bike!

08-08-2009, 04:39 AM
Dave XB12R: Excuse my ignorance, but the race muffler is made by Buell?

Hey, this muffler sounds cool as hell.

Thanks. Do you live in the Santa Maria area? I live in Arroyo Grande.

08-08-2009, 05:09 AM
Ya, thats the "Buell Race Kit" Buell Race Exhaust, Race ECM, K&N Filter.

Congrats on the new bike and welcome to the community!

08-08-2009, 05:39 AM
Thanks for the warm reception.

This race kit seems to work fine, except it seems to have a dead spot in the 3500 rpm range. No big deal since I am usually above that. I suspect this is normal?

08-08-2009, 05:45 AM
Ya its a common trait of the XB line. You can do the Breather Re-route Mod and it helps out a bit with that, but it will always be there to some degree. Breather Mod (http://www.buellxb.com/Buell-XB-Forum/Do-It-Yourself-Buell-Mods/How-To-Crank-Case-Breather-Mod-with-pics)

Frame pucks are cheap too, like 40-50 bucks on ebay and they'll save your frame ass if it gets knocked over, of in the event u down her.

08-08-2009, 02:48 PM
Cool, thanks. Looks like I won't have a lack of fun things to do in the garage for a while.

BTW, when I bought this bike it had a Michelin 190 on the rear. The 190 looked cool as hell, but I changed this to a 180 Michelin 2CT and the bike immediately handled much better.

I'll check out the breather mod....thanks.

08-08-2009, 03:16 PM
I actually went from a 180 to a 190 and like it better. The drop in in the corners was a bit to get used to but once I did, man it made those quick change backs cake.

08-08-2009, 03:26 PM
The 190's definately look bad ass. I found that the bike leans/flicks over quicker with the 180. Just me though. 180 makes it feel like a smaller bike. I'm still getting used to the bike. I went through the set up in the suspension and made some nice improvements. It feels a little stiff still. Maybe next tire change I'll try a 190 again. The way I'm riding I won't have long to wait!

I never got to ride this XB9R stock, so I don't know what it was originally like. What kind of HP gain does the K&N, Race Muffler and the Race ECM produce?

08-08-2009, 03:44 PM
Im not too sure on that note.

08-10-2009, 12:17 AM
how do you know if you have the race package? i got mine as a repo. i am the 2nd owner. the orginal owner bought it brand new. it has the k&n filter and the race ecm. the pipe i dont know.

08-10-2009, 11:16 AM
Check the XB Exhaust Shootout (http://www.americansportbike.com/) for the numbers.

- Charlie

08-10-2009, 02:11 PM
the pipe i dont know.Here's a pic of one, most are more of a satin kinda finish than this shiny:


08-10-2009, 04:37 PM
Good looking bike and welcome aboard!

08-10-2009, 08:24 PM
Chief of Smoke,
I'm assuming it has the race package since it has the 1) Race Muffler 2) The ECM has "Race Use Only" stenciled on it and 3) It has the K & N airfilter.

08-10-2009, 08:26 PM
My muffler looks just like the one pictured above, but it's not nearly as shiny. Mine looks pretty ugly acutually.

08-10-2009, 08:39 PM
Jus needs a bit o polish

08-10-2009, 08:44 PM
Chief of Smoke: Mine was a repo too! It had 4200 miles on it and is a 2003. Not sure if the mileage is correct.

Taildraggin: Thanks for the XB shootout! Very interesting.

08-11-2009, 02:54 AM
jl551c, I live in Monterey.

08-11-2009, 04:40 AM
Great riding country up there! One of the best rides anywhere is back and forth from here in San Luis Obispo county up to Monterey along Hwy 1, as you probably know.

Maybe our paths will cross one of these days! If you're ever in the neighborhood let me know and I'll show you some of the backcountry roads down here. It's Buell country!