View Full Version : Want..XB9R. Trading 99 Honda F4

07-16-2007, 11:22 PM
Looking at trading my 99 Honda F4 (Red/Black)with just over 22K on it. Has a Yoshi slip on,a double wind screen, flush mount front signals, smaller rear signals, I relocated the lic plate light higher and cut the rear lic plate mount, added red rim tape and I did shave the seat down a little. I am 5'6" on a good day and I wanted to lower it a little without giving up ground clearance. So since the seat had a ton of padding I shaved a little off...so now I sit a little lower without giving up ground clearance. Everything else is stock as far as the motor, sprocket sizes...etc.

Use it for my tooling around bike. Has never been raced (that is what my Gixxer is for) or stunted. Tires in good shape (middle is wearing faster than the side though-shows what kind of rides I take on it). Kept a log of all the maintenance I have done down to cleaning and lubing the chain every 500 miles.
Bike was dropped in the garage (I guess it doesn't count as "road" rash) and caused four minor minor abrasions on the left side. I cannot begin to tell you how minor it is. Bike is located in Kansas City, MO. Needing to trade the bike not just sell it....I have found I get cranky if I do not have a bike in the garage at all times.

Bike is always kept in the garage. Overall the bike is in great shape and does not look like a 99 at all. You will be happy with her. Just looking to try something other than the in-line fours.

And yes I understand some cash will be needed on my part.


07-17-2007, 01:16 PM
Also try www.sporttwin.com another decent site for buells. But the people here definitely know their stuff and definitely love their Buells. Thats why I suggested another site, It'll be real hard to get anyone on this site to part with their bike [up]

Best of luck and welcome to the family (hopefully sooner than later [up])