View Full Version : New Tall Seat

09-25-2009, 02:32 AM
I ordered one right after they came out. When it came in I opened the box and there was an 07 seat not an 06 seat.The number on the seat that came in was N0025.1AKFYW not N0025.1AKAYW like shown on the web site. Took it back to Ray Price and Tim took it back and started checking into what happened. Seems the part number was superceded. He got another one in after Buell comfirmed that the F part number was correct(it is the number shown in the download catalog)
It doesn't look like the 06 seat. It looks like they are using the newer seat cover over the 06 foam. Guess they heard the complaints about the seams. Haven't had a chance to ride it yet but it sits better. I don't slide forward and it might be a little softer. Hope to get to try it out this weekend.