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11-30-2009, 12:49 AM
OK guys, i unintentionally pulled a bone head maneuver today. i went and checked on my bike today in storage to make sure the solar trickle charger was indeed working. so after running it for a few minutes i shut it off and started to put the cover back over, intending to just drape over handlebars and seat not down the sides to keep any dust off. well lets just say i no longer have a good cover, it melted all over the header pipe. Question.... how the heck do i get all that melted nylon off the header pipe, without perm stain? any help would be appreciated. smart ass comments also accepted although i feel enough like a dumb ass.

11-30-2009, 12:55 AM
Once it has cooled, scrape it off with a plastic putty knife. If there's residue, you'll need to scrub it off with a scrub sponge and soap.

11-30-2009, 01:04 AM
Get some fine steel wool. It will come off no problem.

11-30-2009, 01:26 AM
Eazyoff oven cleaner.

11-30-2009, 01:30 AM
I ran mine for a longer ride, until it was mostly just ash. Then lightly scrubbed it off... that is now the cleanest looking spot.

11-30-2009, 02:54 AM
that is now the cleanest looking spot.

haha same thing that happened to mine. Got one very shiny spot.

11-30-2009, 03:17 AM
Steel wool will look ok at first, but if the bike is in storage in about 2-3 weeks you will have a rust spot that will be very difficult to get rid of. Pick off what you can with a non-metal (preferably plastic) putty knife / scraper & let the rest burn off & scrub the residual when you wash the bike (may not smell too good).

11-30-2009, 04:06 AM
Scrape bigger chunks off and hit the area or whole pipe, with a scotch brite pad. It'll give it a nice silverish shine - after some rides, it'll return to the normal color.

11-30-2009, 11:23 AM
thank you everyone for your posts, i will work on it this week.

12-11-2009, 02:59 AM
Stick them in the microwave for 10 min.

12-11-2009, 03:31 AM
I melted my cover on my header, too. Did nothing, it burned off after a couple weeks, no sign of it now.