View Full Version : Ulysses seat on an 1125 (sorry, just photo mock up - not an actual bike: yet!)

01-28-2010, 03:26 PM
having just bought an 1125R and remembering how perfect the Ulysses' seat was for me when I test rode one when they came out in 2006, I started playing around with the idea of a retrofit. I know others have asked about the possibility of such a grafting, so I am just pointing out here that taking the large photos available, er borrowed?, from totalmotorcycle.com of a 2009 Uly and a 2009 1125R, then just doing a cut and past in microsoft paint - IT LINED RIGHT UP! I did enlarge the uly photo by 3percent after laying them on top and getting the wheel size to match to ensure I was comparing apples. and what a Peach! on the 1125R photo all I did was erase the seat, leaving the passenger footpegs in place, and on the Uly picture all I did was erase everything but the seat. when I pasted the seat onto the bike it lined up perfectly, no other tweeking at all. seeing it now makes me think Buell could have easily given the Duc 1200Multistrada a run for the money...


Then, just to see what it might look like when I go naked with it - no headlamp ideas yet, but with 1125CR topclamp and streetfighterbar height:


Then with the idea of a Victory Hammer S headlamp, which just so happens comes in a color co-ordinated scheme - probably won't go this route though since it retails for almost $1000.00!:

01-28-2010, 03:29 PM
toss a set of XB lights on there instead, way cheaper to do [up] and would look cool IMHO [smirk]

01-28-2010, 04:43 PM
I want the Ulysses seat on everything I ride.

love it.

Your renders look like fun bikes.
Throw on a set of dirtbike bars and I'll take one like you have in the center with no upper fairing.