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02-01-2010, 09:36 AM
Just been through the pain of fitting a Datatool Text Alert / Snitcher to my Uly. Thought I'd share to save anyone else the pain. The device, if you're not familiar, is designed to send you an SMS if anyone knocks / moves your bike. Don't be fooled by Datatools out of date website, the SIM CANNOT be tracked. This is down to new laws which require the phones owner to respond to a text message for approval, before being traced, which this device cant do. So, instead, it will just SMS you, if its internal motion sensor is activated, or if it is triggered by your alarms aux output. Its pretty simple to fit, just 3 wires, constant Positive, constant Negative, and an ignition switched Positive. You can connect it up to an auxilary siren, and the aux output from your alarm if you wish. The fitting is the simple part. Its Orange, the SIMs network provider, that causes the problems. After 2 hours calling Orange "Customer Services", removal, and refitting of the device and endless unknowns - has it got power, has it got reception, has the SIM been activated, did it recieve its setup text messages - heres my advice.

Datatool advise "activating" the SIM, 24 hours before fitting. Apparently, then, you just fit the device, send it a message to tell it what phone to alert, and Bobs your uncle. NO! First of all, it doesnt matter how long you leave it after activating the SIM, so long as you do that before powering it up. It doesnt even matter if you dont get the activation messages, these just configure MMS and internet access. The Snitcher it quite capable of sending an SMS without this. My advice is this. Order Snitcher. When you recieve it, crack the unit open with a flat head screw driver. There are prising points on either side of the lid. Remove SIM. Call orange to activate. Place SIM in actual phone. Test to ensure reception, top up the SIM, and most importantly, set yourself up with "Your Account" access to your Orange SIM. Without this, it will be 20mins on hold to India, everytime you want to check your balance. With this, youll be able to do this online, or even better, from an iPhone (theres an app for that). The reason I say set this up now, is that Orange insist on sending an SMS to the number with a security code, without which you cant set up your Your Account access. Now thats all done, put the SIM back in the unit, seal with insulting tape of another waterproof sealant. You'll need to find yourself a +/-, and ignition switched live too, to fit the unit. All can be found on the loom running towards the rear light cluster. When fitting to a Uly, the most useful thing I can tell you is that the unit will fit between the seat catch, and the rear light! When you pop the seat, you cant see it! First line of defence! Remove the rear seat catch by undoing the 2 allen screws, then manoevre the unit so it sits upright with the cables coming out the top, flat against the rear light. When you refit the seat catch, you'll see its a tight squeeze, but fits perfectly!

And now, finally, Bobs you uncle. Switch the ignition on, and send it the secret code to tell it who to SMS, and your done. Test it by giving your bike a kick.

I opted for the aux siren, which, again, despite what Datatool tell you, does NOT go off when the unit is triggered. It is designed to SMS you when triggered, and then it will be at your discretion to trigger the siren by sending it the appropriate SMS back.

Now you can rest assured that you pride and joy will let you know if the pikeys try to nick it, or just havent leart to park properly yet!

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Wow, what a great idea. I assume you are in the UK or Europe my99. Too bad their isnt a product like this for us in the US. Seems so simple. Is there a monthly charge for the service?

02-01-2010, 12:47 PM
Yup, in UK. It takes any pay as you go SIM, so order one from europe, and put a US SIM in it if you like...

02-01-2010, 05:05 PM
Hmm so I could just buy a prepaid phone and use the sim card? Or can you buy just a sim card?
I have verizon over here, no sim cards.

02-02-2010, 08:06 AM
you can buy pre pay SIM cards here without a phone for 99c. not sure what the arrangement is your side of the water...

02-02-2010, 09:11 AM
I had a program in my HTC 8925 that would allow me to track my phone if it was stolen. I would basically use someone elses phone to send my phone a secret word via text message, and it will email me the GPS coordinates of the phone. So the easy way to do this is to add a line to your plan and have one of these GPS windows mobile based phones in your bike when you leave it places.

02-02-2010, 12:32 PM
Well that would get kinda expensive.

Actually after some research doing what my99 said is true here as well. I found lots of places from $20-$40 for a prepaid sim card. Most come with a $10 credit. Being that this unit only texts you if the alarm is triggered at $0.15 a text. That would last quite a while. Put another $20 on there and you are set for a few years probably. I guess it depends one where you live.
I wonder if I contacted the company they would do a group buy to the US?

I think this is a great idea. So many times I have wanted to ride my bike when I go somewhere that it will be out of sight for a little while. I do have a scorpion alarm on it, but how many times have you walked right past a car with the alarm going off and not even looked at it! And 2 way pager style alarms are good, but the range is never that great. I think I may look into this very seriously.

02-02-2010, 12:48 PM
jornum, fyi, you can deactivate the motion sensor, and just have the unit triggered by your existing scorpion alarms aux output.

02-02-2010, 01:18 PM
I believe I read that on their website. I like that feature a lot. How much did you pay for your unit if you dont mind me asking? Seems like retail is 119.0 Euro, and I saw places on ebay for like 85 Euro. Thats still a decent investment, but I think its worth it for the piece of mind.
I also sent the manufacturer a email inquiring about a group buy, I will see if they bite.

You are happy with your unit so far?

02-02-2010, 01:24 PM
£80, plus £20 suplementary siren

02-02-2010, 01:42 PM
Care to share where? I wonder what shipping would be over to the US.

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yeah I found that link in a google search. Unfortunately it says they are sold out.

I do see a ebay listing that has free shipping world wide for 89 EU. Thats still about $140 US, so I will see what the manufacturer says.