View Full Version : Oil level on Uly

02-06-2010, 09:34 PM
I just checked my oil level and noticed that is dropped from full to add 150 ml level after 250 miles do you think that is normal?

02-06-2010, 10:13 PM
Not unless you have some visual leaks somewhere. Could be getting sucked into the intake, but your performance would really be ****ty.

I have a similar issue with my CityX, but not sure if it's normal. I check the level a few days after a ride and the level will be off the stick, I'll add some oil, ride again and then before the next ride it will be high. So I wound up taking some back out. Just as much as I put in. At least my bike's not burning it.

So it seems to me that there may be a fluctuation caused by heating(expansion)/cooling(contraction) of the air in the crankcase or oil tank pushing the oil around. I don't think the oil will expand/contract with temp changes that much. Not enough oil is bad, but I'm too much oil will be just as bad.

Anyone else experience this?[confused]

02-07-2010, 05:10 AM
That's only 5 ounces, between it getting into your engine and oil filter that's probably completely normal.