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03-16-2010, 06:02 AM
Hey guys, I just bought a new 2008 1125R and have a few questions and thoughts on the bike. First off this is my first sport bike so Im still getting used to it, though I have been known to drag the pegs on my 2006 Sportster.:D I only have a couple hundred miles on the bike so far but I already want to change the rear fender, and exhaust. I bought the fender delete plate off of EBR so now Im trying to figure out what to do with the license plate and blinkers, any ideas? Ill probably wait on the exhaust for a while but are there any other things I should do right away? Also the seat is horrible, my nuts hurt for days if I ride longer than 15 minutes,[mad] are there any options for seats?

RT Performance
03-16-2010, 09:02 AM
Ok pics of mine first LOL
you have the ebr filler so you can either try and snag a firebolt plate mount or make one out of angle steal like the one in the picture if you left the ends little longer and 90 them you could mount your stock turns on them.
Custom buell seats are all gone .
you have a choice between corbin or Baldwin.
I am looking at a baldwin for mine i have one custom buell seat off my other bike.
exhaust hmf fmf jardine or barker if you want to stay in the 400 dollar range. out of those the Barker is the only one that has a increase in power.
there are some forum deals from puzzled on buelltienboard and Buellforum for the barker 375 shipped