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  1. I wasn't having any luck posting photos on here so I sent you a text instead.
  2. I have an SS and an XT the SS came with a Corbin gunfighter and it was very slippery but with the stock "Shark skin" cover I stay securely planted has your seat been recovered? if so I am going to carve one up to narrow and peak the rider portion to give me more reach to the ground at 5'7" and 29" inseam even lowered an 1.2 inches if I'm facing downhill like my driveway I can not push it back without jumping off. so before I start cutting a super nice stock low seat let me know about the covering on yours and if not the grippy stock stuff then I wouldn't mind a trade to help out. give me a call if you like 3606010597 CV
  3. I hope you don't mind a pm from me. I'm very interested and following your isolator project but I have a seat question today.
    I think you have an X or XT, I have an XT with the stock low seat. I find it is very slippery and I slide forward whenever I apply the brakes. Do you have any issues like that with yours?
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