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  1. Buell Pics Needed For The Next ForceWinder Newsletter - 3 Lizards Performance

    We purchased the inventory of Force Motor Products back in Sept of 2016. We have cleaned up the mess and brought the iconic ForceWinder back to life! Our first year was a success and now we are ready...
  2. Outlaw, thank you for the feedback. Anything you...

    Outlaw, thank you for the feedback. Anything you would change? We acquired the company back in September and are looking to our Buell people for feedback so we can release new product lines and kits....
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    Buell Race Exhaust

    Looking for feedback on any Buells that have the StreetFighter exhaust on them, the Exhaust is made by Force and we are looking for feedback on the pipes. Ideas / suggestions are welcome.

  4. Intake - go custom or stay stock

    Looking for some feedback here, are people happy with the aftermarket Forcewinder intake kits? if not what would you change?

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