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Thread: Will the Buell name Live on in future Generations?

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    So I was wondering to myself while crying over the picture of the Barracuda 2, will Buell be Buell when the non Compete agreement with harley is over? or does Harley Own the Name too and Erik is just S.O.L.? If they have to pick another name... what do you think it would be?

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    My guess would be either EBR or a slight variation like Erik Buell Motorcycles.

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    Thats a pretty big name to put on the tank!

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    It's EBR now,with a new Pegasus logo.Perhaps something different in the future...
    I beleive hd does own the buell name.For now.

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    EBM? What ever the name is, many people will probably call them Buells.

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    maybe he can resurrect his old company's name which was just slightly different but it was called Buell motors not buell motorcycles.

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    how about the words "BAD ASS" emblazoned accross the airbox cover? I think they would sell. :D

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    That would be sweet about the Buell Motors... he's got the name base now... but to get started like that... Do you think that he'd have trouble getting his bikes out? Who would sell them? like Generic Motorcycle Companies (Britt Motorcycles and what not?)

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    Or he might just call his bikes Pegasus!

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    I am sure he would have no problem getting bike shops to pick up dealerships to sell his bikes. weather it be multi brand dealerships, dealer ships that were pro buell before h-d nixed them, and new dealerships that pop up just to sell his bikes.

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