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Thread: Gas overflow tube? Boiling gas in tanks!!!

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    After a ride Sunday I noticed quite a bit of gas fumes coming out of the overflow tube attached to my left passenger peg. It was a hot day out and I rode for a couple hours so the engine was pretty hot, but there wasnt a whole lot of gas in the tank. Actually it was pretty empty at the end of the ride with over 100 miles on the tank. Also a couple weeks ago after a ride it sounded like the gas was boiling in the tanks. The engine never got above 95*C so I dont think it was the coolant. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Im worried about too much fumes building up in my garage, or even catching fire while riding. Has anyone heard of a bike catching fire because of the overflow fumes? Im starting to think wrapping the fuel tank around the engine is not such a great idea after all.

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    Yup, I had to put the Cali Can on it because I was worried about the same thing.

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    mine does it too (fume and drip from the pax peg mount) I'm in So. Fla and its pretty how but don't think I have ever heard what I consider boiling gas. There are some threads on here about installing the charcoal canister or cali can to eliminate the vent tube but I am learning to live with it.

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    Yes, boiling gas is a common occurance. It doesn't hurt anything, but the fumes can be a pain.

    My solution has been to leave the bike parked in the drive for half an hour or so, or leave the garage door open until the bike cools.

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    I asked the same question.. I just pop the gas cap before pulling it in the garage and it has been ok so far.

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    Has anyone thought about rerouting the overflow tube with a steel line and dumping it into the exhaust of an aftermarket pipe? You could get some really cool flames, as long as the flame doesnt go up the line to the rest of the tank.

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    You could get some really cool flames, as long as the flame doesnt go up the line to the rest of the tank.
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    If you could keep air out of the line you would be alright. Fire needs three things; fuel, oxygen, and ignition source. People add propane tanks to hot rods to get flames out their exhaust. Hell my Sportster throws flames just from unburnt gas going through.

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    I've read on one of the other forums about people feeding the line into the airbox, so you are just adding the fumes to the fuel/air mix. Unfortunately, mine also vents liquid gas immediately after a fill up if it is hot.

    I would like to remove the passenger pegs, but I haven't figured out the best solution to the fuel vent yet.

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    If we keep talking about dumping the fuel overflow into the exhaust someone will eventually do it, which would be cool to see.
    I hadnt thought of dumping it into the airbox, I am thinking about losing the passenger pegs also. What do they do with track bikes?

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