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Thread: Rack back on 12Ss

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    Will the multi-position backrest/rack from the Uly fit on an XB12Ss rear subframe? Or can subframe and all be changed to work for backrest and hard bags also?? Thanks for your help.

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    I'll run some part numbers tomorrow and let you know. I am sure the sub-frame is different. Just off hand I know you will need to change the seat, undertray, tail light, sub-frame, and add that back rest you want. Like I said though, I will confirm it all tomorrow.

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    Thanks Parts Guy, Is there a better choice for an old guy with a once in a while old lady passenger?

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    I will do some seaching, but I don't believe so.

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    Here is the list of parts you will need to put a Uly tail on that Long. Not sure if it will be cost effective, but you will have to take it to your local dealer for pricing. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

    L0046.1AKYBQ - 1
    AA0512.2CZB - 2
    AA0516.2CZB - 2
    L0010.1AKYBQ - 1
    L0009.1AKYBQ - 1
    AA0508.2CXZB - 2
    C0235.02A8 - 2
    CB0002.T - 4
    CA0018.02A8 - 2
    BA0509.6 - 2
    AA0404.11CXVB - 12
    N0025.2AKYW - 1
    M0027.1AK - 1
    BA0412.1BL - 2
    AA0404.11CVB - 2
    M0755.1AK - 1
    Y0725.02A8 - 1
    M0068.02A8 - 1
    M0067.02A8 - 1
    M0066.1AD - 1
    AA0406.11CXVB - 4
    AA0508.2CXZB - 2
    BA0511.2Z - 2
    N0008.1AKBYBQ - 1
    N0009.1AKFYBQ - 1
    C0091.1AK - 2
    N1016.1AK - 1
    C0092.1AK - 1
    C0075.1AK - 1
    N0018.1AK - 1
    CA0018.02A8 - 1
    C0083.1AK - 1
    M0075.1AK - 1
    L0076.1AKA - 1
    A0620.2CZB - 2
    M0069.02A8 - 1
    Y0401.1AKC - 1
    M0649.01A3 - 2
    BA0409.1Z - 2
    D0600.2CZ - 2
    Y0514.CA - 1
    B0613.1Z - 2
    D0500.1CZ - 2

    Now this includes the tail lamp but no turn signals. This tail lamp is LED so you may need a load equalizer for you current system. This is not going to be a very quick switch kind of thing. This also doesn't include wiring due to the fact that the plugs on the harness running to the tail lamp are different. It also inlcudes a lock cylinder for the seat lock, so if you did purchase it, you would have to give them a key code for your current key to keep them the same.

    I saw some luggage racks on for the Lightnings. Check em out. They all look like solo set ups but you may be able to get them to work.

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    Thanks very much for the research, that list of parts may be expensive, I'll check it out and the other lead.

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    I'm looking at doing this swap also, but rumor has it it's actually easier (and a helluva' lot cheaper) to use the Ss bits and do some fabrication than to swap EVERYTHING out. I'll be able to tell more if I can get my hands on a copy of the Uly parts manual. Also, there are known clearance issues when using the Uly undertray with the Ss suspension... it sticks down to far, causing the rear tire to bottom out into the tray when compressed.


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    You can find a lot of great deals for those parts online. Just be sure you are patient enough to look around.

    Kawasaki Mule Performance Parts - Download the Kawasaki Mules Catalog by Kawasaki USA

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