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Thread: How can i remove rear exhaust header pipe on a 1125 without pulling the motor out

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    How can i remove rear exhaust header pipe on a 1125 without pulling the motor out? Under the seat gets really hot and every now and again the bike sounds louder when riding on the open road. Has any one had similer exspesriences?

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    It's not easy. You'd need a lift or a way to secure the front end, pull off the muffler, jack the bike up some, remove the rear wheel, then drop the swingarm by taking out the shock bolt on the swingarm. From there, you should be able to get an extension, swivel and 10 mm socket in there to remove the nuts and take the pipe off. I'd also remove the O2 sensor prior to loosening the header pipe.

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    I took mine off while doing a valve adjustment.
    This isn't really "dropping" the engine...just rotating it.
    Except for the harness's that the book doesn't mention that are too short to rotate properly without some wasn't "that" difficult.


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    '08 or '09 bike?

    It's a bit easier with an '09 rear header and the relocated 02 sensor bung.

    Regardless they both can be removed without rotating or removing the engine. The rare bad alignment of the planets and tolerances prevents a rear '08 header to be removed without raising the back of the frame.

    '08's require a twist and turn or two, but it will come out. Impossible to explain in text, but it was done often at BMC. Finesse it out.

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