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Thread: Dave's DIY videos (all in one thread)

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    I (or Buellxb) will continue adding these as I finish them

    If you have changed a component like the ECM or fixed a problem in the bike, it is a good idea to take the bike for a ride to let it learn. After completing the steps in the video, ride your bike in closed loop (between 3000 & 3500rpm) for a good 10 minutes. Do not do any hard accelerations during this time. Give the tps time to learn the settings and adjust accordingly.

    This one isn't by Dave, but still awesome.

    1125 brake pad change videos:

    1125r and 1125cr Oil Change Video

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    Very nice . Useful and very clear and well done

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    nice thanks alot

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    Awesome video Dave, very helpful how-to, thanks Dave

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    make it sticky and lock it, great thread

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    Still waiting on a DIY engine rotate :p

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    No need to lock this awsome thread! I have a feeling this will become the best threa to the forum, even if it doesn't get to 80 pgs and over 1200 posts. The amount of knowledge being shared in each video is worth hundreds of posts and hours of searching for many.

    Great job and idea for this Dave

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    Dave, great videos! Really helpful!

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    Yeahbut, subject video's clutch adjustment procedure is incorrect. It's two steps, not one.
    1) Adjust clutch pack's free play: lightly loaded, then badck-off (un-load) one-quarter turn.
    2) Adjust free-play at lever, use adjuster built-into cable sheathing and located just near exhaust pipe & front cylinder head.
    See service manual.

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    thanks for the awesome how to video's!

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