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Thread: aftermarket exhaust-interactive valve? or not to interactive valve? that is the question

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    since I dont "race" and I enjoy the low end grunt and smooth power curve of my xb12ss... it seems to me eliminating this valve is counter intuitive.

    Loosing that little extra "oomph" in the low end to gain more up top seems like a trade off I dont want to make (in theory)

    How much do you give up? Ofcourse a "valveless" system will ultimately flow better... but i dont want a pipe that will bog before it really starts to flow.. is that the case w/ valveless pipes?

    As far as I can tell, Terminogi and Spec. OPS are the only atermarket pipes that keep a valve.

    what say you fellow Buellers?

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    I have a spec ops pipe made from a 9 pipe (no vavle) on my '09 xb12ss, can't tell a difference from when I had a 12 pipe.

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