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Thread: Tuning in MA/New England

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    Anyone know of anywhere good in Massachusetts or anywhere in new England to get your bike tuned? I have found a few Harley dealerships that claim they can tune buells but I have read some horror stories on here so I figured I would ask first. Thanks.

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    What year do you have?
    Dyno tuning, according to my local dealer, requires a Power Commander module, however, they are not made for Buell XB's.
    '08 and later have a learning ECM. My '09 XB12Ss adapted perfectly to the Hawk exhaust and K&N intake. Only an EBR race ECM could do any more for me.
    Lots of Buellers on here can help if you want to DIY tune with ECMSPY if you have a pre-08.

    BTW, If I lived in MA still, I'd have to have a stock exhaust handy to throw back on for inspection. They define "loud" as "louder than original equipment."

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    Fish Gutz where in mass did you live ive never had a probelm getting a sticker for pipes , hell my biddy had a thunder header and still got a sticker?

    and yes what year is your bike and what type of tuning ?

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    My bike is a 2009 xb9sx, I have hawk, k&n, and airbox delete, I am having my heads ported and polished by nrhs, I was also considering new cylinders and cams this winter, I know the 09 ECM is can recalibrate it's fuel maps but i was guessing that it may not learn to it's full potential since everyone wants to modify their stock maps, please correct me if I'm wrong

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    Probably need to EBR tunable Race ECM for such extreme mods.

    NRHS has a nice of 88" kit. That would be sweet. But not until I lose 100 pounds first. That will be the equivalent of gaining 20HP. And it will improve the power to weight ration by almost 20%. Ha! I'll have to be more careful keeping the front end down on take offs.

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