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Thread: New to bikes . Looking at xb9 or xb12. Advice ?

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    Hey all,

    I have recently been bitten by the bike bug (thanks to a friend of mine) and am thinking of purchasing a bike. I'm not into the jap supersport bikes because everyone and thier mother has one and I just don't like the look. I started trying to find something diffirent but still fun and I found myself really liking the look of the buell's. Specifically the xb9sx or xb12s.

    My questions as a noob in general are :

    -Would I be able to cruise with my jap bike buddies or are these bikes just not meant to hang with them at all. Not looking to go 180mph . Just keep up when cruising on the highway.

    -Are either of these good starter bikes? I.E. Are they too powerful or difficult to get used to?

    -How do the xb9 and xb12 compare as far as handling and excelleration?

    -Any specific years better or worse than others?

    -Any other tips for a noob are also appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I just bought a low mile 2004 XB12s, and it is my first bike. Respect it and you will be fine.

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    I have a 2005 xb12scg. The bike does have a lot of power and torque for a first bike, but if you don't push the bike too much it's light enough and handles well enough that you can definitely get away with riding one for a first bike.

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    They are great starter bikes and can definitely hang with any Japanese super sport. Although, if your just looking to cruise on the highway a Lightning may not be the best way to go. A fully naked bike with an upright seating position is not a whole lot of fun at highway speeds for any extended time period.

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    Give me a call 706-260-9734. Thanks Randy

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    They would both be ok, but if it's your first bike I would start with the xb9. No reason to push it for a first bike.

    As far as cruising with people on Japanese bikes, if you're riding around and end up on the highway at some point you'll be fine. If your friends idea of a good time is just cruising around on highways you might be a little let down. As soon as they all twist the throttle and take off over 100mph or start standing their bikes up when they're going 70-80 mph you're just gonna be let down that you're just fighting to keep up and only get to watch.

    As far as handling, they're both pretty much the same. They have the same exact frame and geometry, the only difference is that the 12 is about 10 lbs heavier. You might've noticed there are some different variations, so you might end up with one that's lowered about an inch and a half, and there's also a couple different seats that range between heights of about 2 inches. Changing those things will affect the handling of the bike, but that's not specific to a 9 or 12. As far as acceleration, they're both gonna feel fast if it's your first bike, but obviously the 12 is faster.

    For the year.... the bikes are 95% the same from 2003-2010, but they did update things over time. There's no year that people swear you need to stay away from, but in general I hear people saying it's best to find a 2005+ because they updated the belt drive. I have a 2003 and I'm perfectly pleased.

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    a 2006 XB12Ss was my first bike. I say if you can find one for a good price, get it. If you get an XB9, you will eventually wish you had gotten an xb12. Just like welderjosh said, respect it, and you'll be fine. Although I would like to add that you should fear it a little as well.

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    I have an xb9...I have never wished I got and 12 instead. I didn't like how the engine felt like it had a 50 lb flywheel. They are both great bikes but you need to ride both if at all possible.

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    the xb9 is as good a platform as the 12 and if you do the right mods you still be just as fast and have as much power as my 12. I would say its what you feel comfortable riding. I know guys that prefer to start out on a smaller cc bike and vise versa. they will for the most part look the same and the only difference you'll notice between the 2 is power output. My buddy has a 9r with some mods and he still keeps up very well with my 12. get what you like and want I say.

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    I'd go with the 12.
    Both are light and easy handling. Easy to learn on. The 12 has more room to grow.
    A guy I work with bought an XB12R for his first bike. He respects the bike and doesn't do anything stupid.

    My niece's husband goes to a shop where the owner will not sell a ZX10R to a father buying a first bike for his son. He would rather lose the sale than feel the guilt reading about the kid dying in a high speed crash. And that is exactly what happened when one father took his sin to another dealer that just wanted to make the sale.

    My son's first motorcycle will have to be a cruiser with forward controls. He is too tall for a crotch rocket.

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