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Thread: buell xb12scg engine swap????

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    Need info on retrofitting a later model Thunderstorm engine into my 2005 Buell xb12scg. Will this swap work and what's the necessary mods if any? Motors look like the mounts will match, but the oil lines and some of the electrical components appear quite different. Custom oil lines required? Later model xb ecm required? I'd rather find another xb12 2005/2006 engine in good shape for a direct replacement if possible-anyone know of ay such engines available?
    Thanks for any help that you can offer as I want to get back on the Buell!

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    Hate to bump this, but has this been done? I am looking to do this myself if it’s possible

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    Theres some bad info in this thread.

    The later Thunderstorm engine is a direct replacement (physically) in any XB frame. Get the whole thing. Oil cooler (and lines), ECM (and harness), and you're GTG for a fairly easy swap.

    The earlier harness is close and some of the sensors can be re-used (but should be on the new motor anyway) they swapped from a cam sensor to a crank sensor and the DDFI-3 ECM is far superior to the DDFI-2.

    Check or send them an e-mail. I heard they had a DDFI-2 to DDFI-3 swap that may help you if you don't have the later harness.

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    Sweet I appreciate it! Really the answer I was looking for!! Going to spend some time and build a thunderstorm and drop in my 05

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