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Thread: buell xb12scg engine swap????

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    Thanks for the info freak, I guess it was THIS badweb link I read that really scared me. This was the reason I was hopping someone has already done the swap successfully. Oh well, i guess worst case i might have to swap ecu/harness if it wont run right by just swaping my header/o2/other sensors over.

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    Hate to bump this, but has this been done? I am looking to do this myself if it’s possible

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    Theres some bad info in this thread.

    The later Thunderstorm engine is a direct replacement (physically) in any XB frame. Get the whole thing. Oil cooler (and lines), ECM (and harness), and you're GTG for a fairly easy swap.

    The earlier harness is close and some of the sensors can be re-used (but should be on the new motor anyway) they swapped from a cam sensor to a crank sensor and the DDFI-3 ECM is far superior to the DDFI-2.

    Check or send them an e-mail. I heard they had a DDFI-2 to DDFI-3 swap that may help you if you don't have the later harness.

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    Sweet I appreciate it! Really the answer I was looking for!! Going to spend some time and build a thunderstorm and drop in my 05

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