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Thread: Brake Light / Tail light malfunction

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    I have an '06 xb12ss. I noticed that my brake light is not as bright as i thought it used to be. With everything hooked up, I can BARELY notice a differance between the tail light and brake light. If i diconnect the tail light, it is obvious that the brake light works. But it is just barely brighter than the tail light.

    Let me guess, I just need a new bulb........... right?

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    Thats where I would start

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    Well i would like to say you here that with the everything snared, I can BARELY see a differance between the tail light and brake light. On the off chance that I diconnect the tail light, clearly the brake light works. Be that as it may, it is scarcely more splendid than the tail light.

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    Really? Scarcely more splendid?

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    Not good, I went with an LED years ago. Brake light is plenty bright. Google Buell LED Tail Light. They're not that expensive.

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    You probably have the wires for the brake and tail light circuit reversed. That would explain the scarcely more splendid result. It should look remarkably more splendid, even with a stock bulb.

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