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Thread: What grade of gas should I put in my bike?

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    I just bought an 03 Blast. The previous owner told me to use the next grade up from Regular because they put ethanol in Premium now and it can damage my engine. Is this true?

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    Yes, they do put ethanol in premium gas, thats true! I run 91 in all my bikes. Their are still some places you can get premuim without ethanol, usually near lake areas. Do to the ethanol killing small two stroke engines.

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    Is that something you need to look out for with the XBs as well? I usually always put 91, but sometimes I get a pump with 91 and 93 and I'm never sure.

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    Most places that mix ethanol in their premium gas will post it on the pump. Also, the mixture is usually about 10% ethanol or less.

    I can't speak on what damage it can cause. In the car world, people are starting to do e-85 conversions because it runs cooler and produces more power. It's not as efficient, so gas mileage suffers. Also, older fuel systems can start to corrode with a high mixture like that, but I doubt the 10% mixture does anything.

    I always use premium so I'd like to know the possible damage as well.

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    I have yet to see a pump without ethanol around here.. I always use 93 and have no problems.

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    ive read ethanol will corrode certain rubber and plastic compounds. race gas won't have any, but that is very expensive.

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    93 here in michigan. Used to do 91 in Colorado I think. Had 88 once when I was around 8,000 feet and she ran fine. Higher above sea level = lower octane needed

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    93 here in michigan
    same here on my xb9
    9,000 miles of premium that I can personally account for and another 8k from the previous owner.

    I don't look for usually ethanol; but pumps that have separate hoses for the grades. with only 2.8 gallons per average fill up on, I don't want 9 feet of hose filled with the last guys regular floatin' around in my tank.

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    Only Supreme!

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    This is very complicated question, the manual says 87 octane on my 2006. I just got this bike and will try 87 in it first. Higher octane burns hotter and is needed for higher compression motors. My last dirt bike would ping with anything less than 100 octane and you could not let it idle after warm or it would over heat. In an air cooled motor with out an oil cooler you should use the least octane you can. If you modify the motor I am sure you would need to run higher octane but a stock motor should be fine with 87.

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