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Thread: Milk from the primary oil case again!?!

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    I had this problem afew weeks ago when I changed it and thought it might be the clucth cable leaking water in or from me washing it. I changed it, rode it for a day and changed it again and it seemed to be O.K. But now a few weeks later I checked it and its milk! I haven't rode in the rain soo? The only thing I can think is I used regular 20w50 castrol to run the milk out the first time to try and save money and not using the full synthetic. Please Help!

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    do you do short rides as in not getting the oil to full temp? if so I'd say thats the cause b/c when it cools condensation forms inside the case and gets the oil milky if you don't ride it to get the oil to operating temp and burn off the condensation you will keep getting it

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    your either getting water in the vent hose from washing or strmvt is right and its condensation.

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    Thanks guys. it could be washing, I guess I have to be more carefull. Though i do only ride it about 8min. to work everyday so that could be part of the problem. I guess I'll just let it run in the morning for 5 or so min. before I ride it.

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    i read some where that buell recomends a min 7 mile ride.

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    Definitely washing, many waterproof by putting a small amount of heavy grease around the
    upper rim of the clutch boot from time to time.

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