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Thread: Speakers on a Buell Blast?

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    I'm thinking about putting a speaker system on my Blast. Any opinions on this? Or are sound systems just for touring bikes?

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    why not,

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    I've been thinking of doing this on my Lightning, still trying to figure out exactly how.

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    i thought about it too but it was easier to just listen to my ipod that i already own. post up pics if you do it!!!!

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    I'm going to go out on a sort of blunt limb here. My rash, and possibly incorrect assumption is that if you're on a Blast, you don't have a mountain of miles under the saddle. That being the case, I'd recommend against the distraction of tunes while you ride. Sing to yourself, whistle, whatever, but leave the electronics at home.

    Apologies in advance if this offends you, but the advice is offered in the spirit of safety.

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