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Thread: Neutral Switch Replacement

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    i don't know how i missed that but thanks. I will probably try to clean it first too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rays View Post
    On my '06 Uly I found it wasn't quite that easy - don't know if there are different size front pulleys between models.
    I ground down a socket enough to fit in behind the sprocket - after I had removed the rear wheel allow the belt to be pushed out of the way.
    The switch is only threaded for 1/4 " or so and isn't a big torque so I only needed that to crack it and nip it up.

    I have seen posts on other forums where guys have paid to have their front pulley removed to have this replaced - definitely not required.

    Here is the ground down socket and the neutral switch from my '06 Uly. The ground down bit allows you to just sneak the socket behind the edge of the pulley.

    Is that a 5/8" socket?

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ YES. 16mm also works

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    OEM part # is 33900-99, it may be superceeded by now.

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    Is this for all buell models and years ?
    I guess it's certainly cheap enough to have one on the side, just encase.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    yes Ken. same part # for all years and models XB's.
    same PITA job.........."""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
    the part # is NOT superceded. infinite amount in stock.

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    I was able to get mine out with a Needle nose vise grip.

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    #metoo ^^^^

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    # menext ^^^^

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