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Thread: Your opinion on top 5 mods every buell needs

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    OK, how big of a RSS do i need?
    how much better does it make the buell?
    Where can i find some of these grips? has a K&N air filter for 60$ is that reasonable?

    And one more thing, i only have one hose going into my box and since the second hose wasnt connected i took out the little box to save some weight.

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    i picked up a k & n new from ebay for 52 bucks shipped. 60 is reasonable to me.

    i too would like to know where to pick up a better set of grips as i have some sort of nerve damage and need all the help i can get.

    i am in the market for a rss

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    ASB also sells the 2010 Uly RSS for like $60. I'm not sure what other grips to get.

    Also, you can do a K&N alone. But keep in mind that if you plan on doing a K&N and a pipe, you also have to tune your ECM.

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    Can anyone suggest a larger grip... I have big hands and those little stock grips just don't cut it for me... And I do not want the big foam grips.... Thanks...

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    trojan horse scoops is what i have think the set was like $160

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    RSS, exhaust, led taillight w/integrated signals, HID's, and bar end mirrors.

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    Performance wise, pretty much what everyone else said, in no particular order...

    new map
    right side scoop

    Those will probably be it as far as performance mods for my bike.

    I didn't notice a ton of difference on my xb9 with the breather re-route, but I've heard it does more for the 12s. I did notice my low end being a lot smoother with just the filter before I got my exhaust, so even if you don't want to do a whole exhaust and remap, just putting in a new filter(and cutting some holes in the airbox if you have an older one) will help. I did that white wire mod too, but can't say I really noticed a difference on that either.

    One of the best performance mods I did was the shorty chinese levers off of ebay, but I didn't add it to the list because I'm not sure if other people have the same problem that I did. With my stock brake lever my brake was extremely jerky in stop and go traffic when I would only be using 1 finger and only going a few mph. I could only slow down lightly before the lever felt like it caught something and would just jerk the bike to a stop so I would have to use a couple fingers. When I switched to the shorty levers this problem went away completely and made a huge huge difference. If other people have noticed their front brake being jerky like that, I'd recommend a lever upgrade before just about everything above.

    Other mods that have made me really like my bike more, but not because of performance...

    Transparent plastics
    tail chop/cleaned up back end
    short levers
    better looking bars
    low seat(came with my bike, but added to the list because if I had bought a 9sx with the tall seat, I would've traded for the low or skyline seat right away)

    Oh, and just a side note for anyone who's debating whether or not they really want a new exhaust like I was... After I put in the new air filter and cut some holes in my inner air box, I took off the outside cover and rode about 25 miles to pick up my new airbox cover while I still had the stock exhaust on, and it sounded pretty awesome. It didn't have that muffled raspy sound that the normal airbox does. I wasn't so much conscerned with having a loud exhaust on my bike, I just hated the noise coming out of the airbox and wanted a better sounding exhaust to cover it up. I bet even with the stock exhaust you could just do an airbox delete, which I assume sounds the same as my ride without the outside cover, and the bike will automatically sound a lot better without having to buy a new exhaust. Had I tried it earlier I might've skipped out on the exhaust all together, but I had already ordered it by the time I tried it. I don't know what it sounds like from far away, but when you're sitting on the bike it made the intake sound pretty much just like a new exhaust would.

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    These aren't in any particular order:

    1. Breather Reroute
    2. More comfortable seat
    3. LED tail light
    4. Custom maps
    5. RSS

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    Oh yeah, I forgot about the seat! The Select Seat is one of my must have mods, too.

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    Is this scope big enough to make a difference?

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