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Thread: Your opinion on top 5 mods every buell needs

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    Yes, that is the scoop that I have as well as hundreds of others on this forum. It's worth every penny.

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    1: Breather Re-Route
    2: Header Wrap
    3: HIDs
    4: Exhaust
    5: Track Day

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    1: Breather Re-route
    2: RSS

    Those two are must do's.

    Everything else is personal preference, IMO.

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    1: Exhaust
    2: K&N air filter
    3: Remap or Racing ECM
    4: Breather Re-route
    5: RSS

    Thats what I would do and I did but not in order.:D

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    most important is dial in your suspension, suspension is hypercritical on a buell, it is a great chassis but the set up can be unforgiving.
    get it right and the bike will reward you with corner carving pleasure for many many miles.

    good rubber YOU can trust, it doesn't matter what you buddy likes because he is on his bike and you are on yours if you trust in a tire and like it stick with it. the best handling bike in the world is useless if you don't have the confidence to fling it into a corner

    next is getting comfortable weather that is the seat, grips levers, larger windscreen, higher or lower pegs heat shields etc
    if you cant focus on the ride or cant move like you should you are putting yourself and your machine at risk, if you are too cramped up to hang off the bike when it is time you wont be having any fun and that's what owning a sport bike is all about

    after that is getting the buell running the best it can
    RSS breather reroute are the biggest bang for the buck mods you can do, very close in line is ECM spy. this will let you tune your buell yourself.

    better airflow in and/or out would be my next recommendation filter and exhaust.

    now added because it is also important, not everybody agrees on it (and its my soap box so you can skip it if you like)
    Gear; get it, wear it, love it
    the best you can afford, if you wreck insurance will buy you new gear so don't worry about ruining it, that's what it is there for.

    next is millage experience and familiarity with the bike, track days long trips wrenching it yourself, anything that makes you feel more connected to the bike, know where it is and what it is doing without looking. make commands without thinking, this will get you the most out of your bike

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    I like most of the mods on here.
    I have been pleased with most of my mods
    I'd say
    1. SEAT
    4. MIRRORS
    6. TIRES stock dunlops sucked

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    has anyone mentioned axle sliders? or are they not considered a 'mod'

    muffler + re-map (can't do one without the other. well you CAN, but ...)

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    Thanks everyone, and to you delta one.

    Is the main important thing about a rss the cooling factor it gives?

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    the cooling factor evens out the temp between the #1 and #2 cylinders some feel that it gives a more liner throttle feel, and less drop off in performance as the bike gets hot (air box heat shields do this very well too). but it also cuts down on the fan coming on saving you fan bearings (known to go out on some XB's) and it makes significantly less noise with the fan off so you can hear the beautiful V twin noise uninhibited. lastly it also acts as a bit of a shield keeping the heat from the headers from radiating on you as much.

    lots of gains from a little scoop, I have been running without mine for only a few days and I miss it a lot already, cosmetically its better with the scoop too but that's a matter of opinion.


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    What help does the Breather reroute do? I have a 2009 XB12R is it really needed?

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