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Thread: Help! Missing part!

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    So I woke up this morning, went out to the garage, and discovered I'm missing some kind of cap or plate by the rear brake lever. There seems to be some kind of battery with a blinking light exposed. Does anybody know what this is and where I can order a new one?

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    your actually missing a plate, the cover plate, two screws and 2 rivots. I belive harley calls them the timing cover.

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    Yes that's the timing cover

    And wow... Those things don't just fall off.

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    What the heck!? I've never seen a timing cover just fall off.

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    dude go to your harley stealership and buy a timing cover for an 06 or older sportster don't tell them you need it for a buell they will tell you it don't fit. Someone stole mine and had to buy one it says harley but then again so do my cyclinders

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    it is a blast just a rubber plug.
    and yup they do just fall off

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    Why get a Harley one when you can get a custom one!?


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    Well I ordered one. Is it safe to drive this thing around without it for a week?

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    as long as its not raining or wet out

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