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Thread: photos of the buell lowered, the new shock when i got it back,and a small trip with some friends

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    How much did it drop the rear? Looks slammed, any plans for the front?

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    Wow,so what's the seat height at now??

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    i actually havent measured the seight height but it was lowered 2 inches. i dont really know what to do with the front any ideas? i tried slipping the forks but because of the handlebar set up it isnt possilbe unless you put the clubmans on and i dont want that.

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    Lift the fork tubes up into the triple clamps and use clip-ons clamped onto the fork tubes. Should place your bars close to where they currently are (at least just looking at the pictures).


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    mike intresting ideas im not sure how to do that but i will figure that out. thanks for the ideas, dumb question do i need to buy the clip ons to clamp onto the fork tubes? it makes me wonder how much it would drop the front end?

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    You could also get some scg forks and the matching lower triple clamp. I would assume the top clamp is still the same size, but you may need both pieces. The wheels and brakes will all swap over. You may have to drill some holes to get your headlight to fit, but a couple people have put the cr headlights on their xbs, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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    Where did you get the shock from?
    Looks great! Hoping to do something like this.

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    The 1125 has a 47mm forks and the cg is a 43mm if I remember correctly. The clip on idea would work great.

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