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    I like to Bass fish and hunt, seems to fit in with motorcycles. Kinda of an individual thing.

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    Anything automotive seems to make me giddy inside.

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    I spend my free time drinking and chasing skirts

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    I collect old comics and novels of the phantom,also enjoy anything to do with auto and bike mechanics.:)

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    riding,wheeling and $#&*@^!

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    Besides Buelling, which is my favorite thing to do..

    I am a musician, here is a link to my last band:

    I also build tube amps and various electronic devices for musicians. My blog has some pics of my latest builds, and some soundclips on myspace:

    Combine that with fulltime school, 40+ a week at work and 2 small children, I'm a busy ****er.

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    Martial arts,specifically Krav Maga, Kick Boxing and Tae Kwon Do. It is an attempt to keep my old ass in shape and limber. Some days I get the bear other days, the bear gets me.

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    me I am into just about any & everything outdoors like Hunting , fishing, camping among other things.
    The outdoors is my heritage and my first passion(along with my family) in life then buells, cars, planes, & other things.

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