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Thread: Sport rider mag suspension setup

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    anybody else try it?
    I set sag on mine and went to a track day with the owners manual compression and rebound and it unhooked the rear.
    So i was searching for setups and found theres.
    I did not do the preload or slip the forks down to even with the triple.
    But i have one round more front preload 25 mm sag
    and the recommend rear out of the owners manual.
    I adjusted the compression and damping per the magazine article.Which was well beyond anything in the owners manual and Holy crap this bike is way more comfortable to ride.
    It actually absorbs the bumps.
    I will copy and post there set up when i find it again.


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    FRONT Spring preload: 12 turns out from
    full stiff; rebound damping: 3 turns
    out from full stiff; compression
    damping: 2 turns out from full stiff;
    ride height: set fork tubes flush with
    triple clamps
    REAR Spring preload: position 5 from full
    soft; rebound damping: 4 turns out
    from full stiff; compression damping:
    20 clicks out from full stiff

    link to article

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    I'm new to the whole sport bike thing. How universal are these settings. Their test rider is 100 lbs less than me and 7 inches shorter.

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    gonna try this weekend...

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    I need to set my suspension up for my weight... still at factory settings, and I am probably above the weight for that... I am a fat ass ;) 6'5" 270lbs

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    just set the sag or preload per the manual.
    try the damping you may be shocked this was a huge swing and risk but dam i can't get over how well it feels

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    Bump just because I'm looking to try some new settings

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    What year 1125r do you have? THe early 08's have different springs than the later 08's and 09's. also don't try and set up your suspension unless you have ridden a few laps or sessions to get everything warmed up.

    I had mine baselined at the track by a pretty reputable suspension guy, and I love it, I have an 09

    My settings(I'm about 170 in gear)
    Rear preload 9
    Rear compression 12
    Rear rebound 3/4
    Front preload 1
    Front compression 1-1/4
    Front rebound 1-1/4

    Here is some good reading:

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    Lol i live in ND that should be enough there there's hardly a curved road. No races for me the best curve i have are cauliflower for the intestate I've got it set how i like it but I'm sure there is room for improvement

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