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Thread: tires....ya...I know....again!!

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    Looking for opinions. I ran the Pirelli Diablos the first year. I got 8000 kms on them. I bought Bridgstone BT021 last year. Rear tire lasted 16000kms. Front tire warped where the compounds meet. I usually drive on the hwy to work everyday in the summer 86kms round trip. It's Alberta. It's flat. I put on a ton of kms every season. Let me know what you guys are running, miles/kms on them and your thoughts. I love to lay this baby down in the corners when I'm riding for fun. I f**k around on the stip just for fun on a Friday here and there.

    Thnaks - and I know there is a search button and the topic of tires has been done to death!


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    I have about 5k miles on my pilot road 2ct's and still love them. Hard, long lasting center compound for my 50 mile daily commute, softer sides for corners on the weekend. Even with the 5k miles on them there is still a ton of tread, I will not be surprised if I don't need to replace these till they have 15k miles on them...

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    I run the Pilot Powers,I got almost 20,000 miles on them and am just now putting new ones on.Great tires.

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    I just got a pair of Pirelli Angels late last season.
    I haven't got a lot of miles yet but so far I'm impressed.

    Before that I went through two sets of Dunlop Roadsmarts on a Kawasaki Versys. I'd recommend those tires as well. Great grip and good longevity.

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    anyone running the pilot pures if so what kind of mileage are you getting

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