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Thread: What branch should I join?

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    So I'm planning to join either the Air Force or the Navy in a couple months. I wanna see the world .. plus I'm getting no where in life living here in Hawaii. I know a lot of you have served or are serving so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Seems like any one else I ask thinks I'm stupid for wanting to join... Thanx in advance

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    The way I see it you already have it made living in Hawaii but that is just coming from someone who lives in Minnesota where it is like -5 degrees F right now.

    Sorry no real advice for you :(

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    I'd suggest doing you're research first, take an asvab test, and talk to recruiters to see what jobs are available in each branch that you are qualified for, take the wrong branch or wrong job and you could be stuck stateside, and yes there are naval bases in the middle of the continental US so dont think navy means you'll atleast be near the ocean. You are more likely to travel with the navy, but airforce is probly a close second to that. But it all comes back to the job you choose and what type of career you are interested in. I was US Army myself, and got to travel to Jamaica, panama, germany and many places in the US. Good luck with whatever you decide, and much respect to anyone that chooses to serve his country.

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    I'd vote air force...I'm coming up on 17 years of active duty and my brother in law is prior navy. He was never happy while he was in, but of course it's what you make of it.

    The other things that have been suggested are excellent advice...go take the asvab, see how you score and what jobs you qualify for. Don't sign ANYTHING, and remember that the recruiters are paid to tell you what you want to hear, and if they don't put it in writing it never happened.

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    I like you was going no where so I joined the Navy, but I was in a small town in Upstate NY. I became an Aviation Electronics Technician and worked in A-7 and F-18 squadrons. I saw the world via several different Aircraft Carriers. I did 22 years total and now have a nice pension at a young age. I went to night school while active duty, got a B.S. degree and now work as an Engineer launching satellites for a company called ULA. I have no regrets for joining the Navy and wouldn't be where I am today without the Navy. It's what you make of it. Set your goals high and take advantage of the programs they offer you. Good luck in your decision.

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    I think any way you go would be great ! I salute you and thankyou, if you serve or served.
    my dad was navy WW2, my brother navy, me air guard , 1 grandpa was army WW1, 2 grandpa was navy WW2.

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    I am prior Marine Corps and before joining any branch you really need to step back and make sure you are joining for the right reasons. Military take a ton of dedication, even if your not fighting the front lines you will work crazy hours be on call all the time and never have the "normal" life. Do your research and look into what job you want to do in the military then ask people other than a recruiter about it (they will tell you all the good and none of the bad).

    Right now the Air Force is only letting in around 12% of people who apply since there is a flood of people joining. Not sure about the Navy.

    But if I had to pick I would go Air Force or atleast try for it, I can't imagine the hellish lifestyle of possibly living on a boat or submarine. It seems like it would get boring really fast.

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    I'd say Air Force, and this is coming from someone who's currently in the Army. From what i heard it takes forever to move up in rank in the Navy.

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    my air force buddys have a better quality of life than what i remember of my 6 year stint in uncle sams canoe club. but i was a nuke. boat life is not condusive to a long, happy marrigae

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    I'd like to second Miami's comment:

    go take the asvab, see how you score and what jobs you qualify for. Don't sign ANYTHING, and remember that the recruiters are paid to tell you what you want to hear, and if they don't put it in writing it never happened.
    I went to see an Air Force Recruiter back in HS, they pumped me up pretty good about it but when I got in, I realized %50 of what the recruiter told me was BS.. I only served my first 4, but that experience was probably the best thing for me.. Whatever you decide, good luck..

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