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Thread: wheel bearing install

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    Hi guys, i have a big doubt: i was installing my rear wheel bearings and i applied the anti seize lubricant on the inner part of the hubs and around the outer part of the bearing.
    Normally i use the anti seize on the axle.
    Did i do something wrong?
    Maybe i ruined the bearings or other?
    Can i fell safe installing the wheel?
    Please give me your godd advices
    Many thanks

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    You should be fine as long as you didn't cover the bearing in anti-seize. I am not positive to whether anti-seize will eat through the bearing seal, but if is just on the inner/outer race you will be fine.

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    Anti seize shouldn't hurt the bearing or the cases, just wipe off what you can.

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    Excuse me, can you please add some details?
    I did not understand: what is the problem with the anti seize?
    I mean : why it can "eat the sealed part"?
    And especially: where is the problem applying this lubricant to the inner part of the wheel hub? A the end it s a bout oil, lithium, metal flakes(ah, but what is metal flakes inside this loctite lubricant).
    I just think about corn flakes in my mind(sorry but i m from italy and maybe i cannot understand very well).

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    I've never heard of antisieze "eating" anything. ^^^ you definetly want to wipe of any excess cuz it'll collect sand and then become abrasive.

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    Had to replace the bearings on one of my TT’s and did a little research as to why there were catches in the front bearings when I rotated the bearings while the wheel was off the bike after only 14,000 miles.

    Bearings on the Buell’s are not really sealed. From talking with an SKF/FAG bearing rep,ball bearings fall into several groupings. Open, shielded, loose contact seals and sealed. Buell’s have loose contact seal bearings which means water and dirt can both make their way into and out of them. According to the rep, these types of bearings are not in wide use, (at least industrially) and are used when bearing temps can exceed a certain point.

    I live near Puget Sound and ride pretty much year round though much of my winter riding is limited to commuting. They use liquid deicer on the roads. When I pulled the bearings I found rust on the outer bearing race where it is pressed into the aluminum hub. There was grit inside the seals on the bearing grease but no real rust on the balls.

    These bearings have metal shields which are coated with a synthetic polymer, not rubber. Oil and anti-seize will not break them down. I’m thinking that coating these seals with a waxy grease like cosmoline will do much more good than harm.

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