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Thread: Difference between race ecm and stock?

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    i just bought the map from american sport bike for the d&d and k&n the bike ran way better they tune it better then most anyone could.

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    I paid like 40 bucks off eBay with the latest version of ecmsp
    Any chance you can email me that latest version of ecmspy?

    I've sent you a PM with my email address if that's OK.

    I've just ordered the cable from xoptiinside to support all his hard work.

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    i just bought the map from american sport bike for the d&d and k&n the bike ran way better they tune it better then most anyone could.
    Where is this located on the site? Not finding it, thanks

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    Is it better (performance wise) to have a EBR race ecm or a tuned stock ecm? I have a 09 city x and am on the fence about dropping this $750 for the programmable ecm from ebr, verses getting a tuning session from the otco.

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    I bought My race ECM for my '03 XB9 in 2005, right after I bought my bike. There weren't so many options then. I was wondering if the factory race ECMs can be reprogrammed by EBR. I have some heavy engine mods in my future and I'm sure it would be cheaper to have them reprogram it than to buy another ECM. I'm going from a race kitted stock XB9 to a jugged XB12, by adding a lightened XB12 crank and rods and a big bore kit.
    Sorry drsuzuki, not trying to hijack your thread.

    On topic. I noticed BIG power gains when i added my race kit, not to mention she GROWLS at ya now. Sounds positively sick, all the ricer boys ask me what it is because its Loud and proud. Priceless!

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    So did the xb12s come with software and a cable from the factory when it was bought NEW in 2004? I just bought an xb12s and the seller gave me a cable and showed me where to plug it in. He said he could not find the software, but I could just download it. if this is true where?


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    You need this.

    Get the xdf and adx files from here.

    Instructions are there also, Mike's got a pretty good handle on how this stuff works. You may also need the cable driver.

    Below is a quote I got in an email from Mike.

    Using Tunerpro RT...

    1. Download Tunerpro Rt from

    Get the plugin while there to read and write to the ECM.

    2. Install Tunerpro Rt, unzip the plugin and place it in the created Tunerpro folder in your documents - plugin file...

    3. Set up Tunerpro for first use...
    A. Open Tunerpro and click tools (have your cable driver installed
    in addition, have it plugged in.

    B. Select Tools, click preferences, you get a popup box with two sides in it.
    1. Data Acquisition,
    a. select use plug in on the top selection
    b. select Tunerpro Data Acqu I/O
    c. click configure Plug-in Component (use your device manager to find the comport the cable is on.

    Also, note each USB port will have a different port number, therefore, use the same port always to
    link or change the port number to match each use.

    2. Emulation,
    A. select Emulation Plug-in Component and switch it to Buell EEprom reader/writer

    B. Click The general tab, you have four selection spaces.
    1. top left all boxes checked.
    2. Bottom Left select: XDF, ADX, BIN
    3. Top right select Diff. (edit- Compare), color table cells and Reverse Columns

    C. Click Apply, Click OK

    4. Click View on your Toolbar, then click tools and select, Basic, Tools, RT, Emulation, all three data Acquisition items.

    5. Connect to bike and Turn on Key and run Switch.
    A. If it did not auto connect, select the Grey Cable looking Item on the toolbar on the top.
    B. it will beep when connected (If speakers are on)
    C. You will see Initializing in the lower left of the screen and your firmware will show up.

    6. Use this value to go to to get your ADX and XDF_Lite as well as the links there to go to the site to get those versions.

    7. Once downloaded all four versions. Please relocate the XDF and ADX into the documents folder
    (Tunerpro folder and paste into Bin Definitions)

    8. Open Tunerpro if not open select XDF on the tool bar.

    A. Select XDF (either the lite or full version) and go to documents /Tunerpro/bin definitions and select
    the XDF. Each time Tunerpro is open it will auto load this file from this point.
    B. Select Acquisition, click load definition file and go to documents /Tunerpro/bin definitions, select
    either mine with TPS, Codes and diag or ECMspys.

    9.Once connected on the read/write side. you will have blue arrows up and down appear on the tool bar.

    To Connect
    A. up uploads to ECM and down downloads to Tunerpro RT
    1. select the down arrow and it will read the ECM.
    a. Click file once downloaded on the top left on the toolbar. use Save bin as and name this
    file as anyname_stock.bin then do it once again saving as the ECM name you chose
    my stock ECM_1.bin. adding a _1 to each new saved version will help in the future.

    10. To use the live data and tps/clear codes/ diag side/
    A. Click tools, then click release emulation... It will state, "Hardware not found"...

    11. With your adx Loaded. now click the two blue arrows right and left facing. it will connect and the yellow box
    showing connected will appear in blue.

    A. To data log, select Acquisition on toolbar, scroll down and select record.
    B. To stop select Acquisition on toolbar, scroll down and select stop and a popup box will appear. Name your
    file for a one-time use.
    C. To play it back, select Acquisition on toolbar, scroll down and select play and move through to the items you
    want to see or setup... data dash, List Items, history and data monitors on the toolbar top center...
    D. These are fully adjustable in edit adx under Acquisition to match your ECM and needs.

    12. To return to the read write just select the two arrows to disconnect and select the grey plug.

    A. To make changes open desired item click on cells and type in new value or paste it in then
    click the save cd on that box in the top left. Note: this saves it to the file in Tunerpro not
    in the ECM or in the documents...
    B. once all changes are made and saved to the file in the program, click files the save as and
    name it with your chose name and the _#...
    C. now you upload the new file to the bike with the upload arrow. A popup box will appear with
    the loaded firmware name. Please, make 100% it matches your actual ECM. If not you
    have to revert to one that does match and start over.


    2007 down bikes use the tps reset feature.

    1. Back out tps knob fully and flip throttle so it is 100% closed.
    2. go to live data side with my ADX and connect. on the tool bar select the drop down and select reset TPS.
    click send... done
    3. Go to dash view on my adx and turn in knob until you start the bike and it idles at 1000 rpm.
    a. take bike out and ride it until warm (15 to 20 minutes) then adjust tps rpm to 1000/975 rpm.
    Do not worry about the degree as the manual had to use a value for EPA/ISO reasons this is now set to
    the true value to match your bike.

    Tps reset is throttle controlled on 2008 up...

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    The above instructions are accurate for software setup. However, they are incomplete for tuning and EEPROM modification. It is not advisable that a newcomer to FI tuning or Buell FI systems attempt to adjust the EEPROM in any way without prior education on the matter. It can result in a bricked ECM and/or a damaged bike.

    For individuals who are interested in learning to tune ANY FI Buell (regardless of year, model, or ECM type) and/or custom tuning services, come check out The Tuniversity, which is a site sponsor and is well-reviewed on this forum and others. I have a lot of experience as a teacher, and have been met with success working with both beginner and advanced riders/tuners. If you'd like to help your bike achieve its full potential while ensuring that it is running in optimum condition, drop me a line via the website. I can get you hooked up with a tune that matches your bike, your riding style, your environment, your aftermarket add-ons, and teach you how to do it in the process.

    Both Marc and I cover cable setup, software setup, EEPROM modification, datalog acquisition and theory, log analysis, map adjustments, and corrections adjustments. We also focus on doing all of these things safely, arming you with the knowledge to accurately manipulate your own FI system.

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    ^ Yeah, what he said.

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    octopus forgot to mention i taught him everything he knows.


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