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Thread: Aftermaket parts

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    May 2011
    hey there, im new to this site and i just bought a 06 xb9sx lightning its stock, was wonderin if there is any body upgrades that i can do to my bike? Not lookin for any power upgrades right now i need to get the hang of my bike first! any ideas will help thanks

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    You have come to the right place hahaha. we will help you spend your money hahaha. .Start looking at peoples pics and pick out stuff here is mine

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    Start with:

    Axle sliders
    Right side scoop

    Then consider:
    Turn signals
    Tail chop
    Integrated brake light
    Plastics or Carbon fiber
    Foot pegs
    Heel guards
    Belt guards
    Gask mask
    Tail lift
    Stickers / graphics
    Hidden rear brembo brakes
    And more...

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    Don't forget frame pucks though

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    welcome to the forum and to the BUELL Family ..
    here links for mods and more and places to spend all that money on yourself and your Buell!
    Buell-Clothing--Parts-List---Foreign--Domestic racewear
    EBR racing team Donate Page support crew
    Erik Buell Racing .com
    Erik Buell & EBR gear & merchandise
    Erik Buell Racing team & Geoff May..BuellXB thread
    ...make sure you fill out your profile!
    and dont forget to put yourself on the Buell Map!

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    Welcome to ur new addiction...any pics of bike?

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    Get the best & safest riding gear you can afford - then worry about the bike's eye-candy. If it's your first ride, you're going to drop it anyway so get some good gear, take some good/advanced MSF courses because you're going to drop it eventually. Welcome to the Board and the "family".

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    thanks guys im goin to look in to some of those things!

    @batman6669_ nice bike, how did u chop the tail on urs or can i buy a replacement.

    @trucker922- i posted some but dont know where to look for them at.

    @stevenc150- i all ready bought some stuff, all i need is a jacket.

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    i posted some but dont know where to look for them at.
    Pictures if uploaded can be found by pressing the link above the comment box called "Add Your Photo"

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    +1 for the frame pucks. Spend $50 on the pucks or $250 on a new frame. Your choice.

    As far as the tail chop goes. You can do it yourself or have someone else do it Or buy a different one! Just rmemeber the aftermarket for our bikes is small, especially when compaired to the inliner jap bikes. Most of the stuff is from a guy who needed to make something for his bike in his garage and we all liked it so much he started selling it.

    Anyway, cheers and welcome to the family. Get those pics up!

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