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Thread: Highway Peg Mod

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    I did the Highway Peg mod. The only problem was he told my wife I could not have my right scoop!
    And he was right, they would not work together.
    Oh Wait, I need a Beer!

    Blink, not sure what happened after that beer, but check out my Ugly beast with the rear pegs up front for trial. (Might do CP pegs)
    And yes you see another set attached to the Luggage rack for my son, or other small riders that Dare. This was a trail that stayed due to why re-weld the rack when he will be able to reach the pegs soon, it will be painted this weekend.


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    Nice job!

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    does that affect how far you can lay the bike over in a corner cause if it does not affect it ay all i might look into this nod

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    Just yesterday I was day dreaming and thought if forward mount pegs were even possible... Sweat!! Tomorrow I will try sticking my feet forward and "get a feel" for who that would change the comfort of the seating position. I am very curious... this could be cool!

    What did you use to build the main support structure to hold the pegs? It looks like you did a very nice job building it.

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    That's a kit you can buy. Can't remember where from though. Been wanting one for years. It's on the list.

    Nice job with the scoop mod and I liked the beer segway.

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    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I just received the cruiser peg kit, and my scoop is different, such that I'd either have to eliminate the spacer that puts the bolt head out above the scoop, or eliminate the scoop's upper front screw. Not sure what direction to go, but looks like I'll have to totally mess up the scoop or attach it to the strut somehow. The scoop screw is right in line with the motor mount hex bolt. Any ideas?

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    Did you look at the picture posted?? Lol.

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    Yeah, did you read the post posted? I made it pretty clear that my scoop is different. I cant just carve a hole in the scoop and call it a day, or I'd have done it.

    Does anybody know which brand scoop is shown?

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    That's a comfort kit scoop. What scoop do you have?

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