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Thread: Clutch slipping under load

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPEHAK View Post
    Finally I have tested the clutch. Wow, the new clutch plates are so grippy, no slipping at all at full throttle. So, if your clutch slips and adjusting the clutch does not help, just replace the clutch plates. Do not use Barnett clutch plates, use original Buell clutch plates if you can find it, it will last longer and it is probably cheaper than Barnett. Probably Barnett is good for racing application but not for daily city riding.

    on 5-20 you posted this and i quote: "Alright, the new Barnett clutch has been installer so motorcycle should be good to go another 11000 miles. Will see how it will work."

    and now your stating "do NOT use Barnett clutch plates."

    which begs the question: are you completely ****ing insane? or just partially?

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    I already had the new Barnett clutch plates on my hands before I found they are not going to last long enough. And since I had it already I had to use it. And I have to open the primary case soon anyway to see the clutch basket starter ring gear condition. So in 11000 miles I will kill two birds with one stone, I will replace the Barnett clutch plates, and will inspect and probably replace the clutch basket.

    But if you are looking for clutch, do not buy Barnett if you can find something else except you are OK to spend more money and replace clutch plates each second oil change.
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    0h9bolt,"wat?" Your not alone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by njloco View Post
    0h9bolt,"wat?" Your not alone!
    I still dont understand most of these posts....

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    I find it all quite amusing.

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    Crawling up your skirt

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