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Thread: Front Axle/Wheel

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    Hey guys,

    I recently took my wheels off to put new tires on. When I put everything back together - I noticed the right side of the forks isn't flush with the wheel, while the left side is just fine.

    I took it apart and tried again - still the same thing. Tried whacking it with a rubber mallet as I thought maybe the axle got stuck in there. I was able to screw it in completely and I do not see any bend in the forks, I just can't remember if this is how it was when I took it apart.

    I took it for a quick ride around town and it feels fine - can you guys help me out?


    (ps sorry i wasn't able to rotate images on here for some reason)

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    Your fine, the left side of the bearing is against the shoulder of the axle and the right against the fork. Don't "wack it", you torque the axle then tighten the two pinch bolts at the bottom. Putting side force on the fork to make it flush will end up binding it.

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    are those the original wheels, has there been a previous bearing failure, and possible remachining to clean up the damage?

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    no prior damage as far as I know. thanks Spud - guessing your xb's look like this as well?

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    Looks good to me.

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