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Thread: 2005 XB1200Scg No Start. Help

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    I recently lowered my motor, got it back up, and bike started fine. Bike was sitting for almost two years while I was deployed, and repainted most of it. My brother had a spare Victory battey that was bigger then mine, but I started it with it to make sure everything ran fine. Charged my old battery over night and put it back in the bike. Its cashed. I need a new one. So I reinstaled the other battery, but I wasnt paying attention and accidentally crossed pos and negative wires. Pisses me off cause it was a stupid mistake amd im better then that. Something got smoked. Literally. I dont know if it was a relay. Alll the fuses are good. But no lights or fuel ump when keys in the on position. Please help. Havent ridden her in almost 2 years, im the original owner, and we need to be together again! Im pissed at myself, and let her down. Shes itching to buck more then I am. . Buell gods forgive me :(

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    probobly your ignition relay..Swap it with another relay and see if your gauges work. welcome to the forum

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    Relays are less than $10 auto parts.

    Diode is probably the one you're looking for. It's in position 1 of the fuse box (markings are on the lid).

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    I work at a an autoparts im hopin I can cross those relays. Theyre all the same part number. So ill try it, and stop by harley for the diode.. Stupid s simple mistake preventn me from shreddin :(

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    I replaced the relay. But still blowing fuses. Can a bad diode do that? I cant find what that diode is for

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    I believe the diode is for the neutral safety, look under the fuse box and look for burned wires.

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    No burned wires. Idk if it could be one of the two other relays.

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    u prolly grounded the ecm; if u had the wires backwards and started it, it blew the fuse and might have damaged the ecm. if u smoked a wire then the ecm is cashed too more than likely

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    Is there a way to test the ecm? I replaced the one relay, and my lights and fuel pump kick on. But the fuse blows when I hit the start button.

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    i hate to say it but my guess is the ecm was grounded out when the pos and neg got crossed. i have the same bike as you adn had the same thign happen.
    wound up getting a new ecm, both coils, adn a few other things that got messed up during a domino effect of me trying to fix it lol. be patient youll be on the road again.

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