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Thread: 1190RS Color Options

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    I wasn't expecting there to be any other color options. And now I'm curious what the options will look like. Anyone else see the short list of color options?

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    i was surprised to hear that geoff was going to be racing the carbon edition. dont know if thats completly accurate either, but its going to suck when they go breaking carbon tidbits!!

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    That is surprising. I guess it's all ok in the pursuit of speed and time, but that means there's going to be several sets of carbon fiber pieces made.

    And here's the colors.....

    Abraxas Inferno and Burnt Armor

    Boreas Frost and Burnt Armor

    Carbon and Pitch Black

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    AMA won't let you have carbon fiber body work in Superbike.

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    Too sharp and strong when shredded, like glass, not good spread around where tires go

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