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I have read through all these forums on the breather re route and still have not read a clear cut answer on whether you should do this. Im guessing the reasoning is because everyone lives in different areas and bikes react differently everywhere. So heres a question to add to the above attempt which i am going to try just because why not. But why not add a breather filter to the end of either both of these hoses or to the T so you have just 1 breather filter? Yes you still get the hot air from the engine (which from what I understand the bike was designed that way?), but you wont get the debris if there is any being sucked in. I know you want cool clean air to be sucked in for the best results. Im going to mess with it this spring and see if I notice any type of difference with all of the ways ive seen on this forum. Just thinking out loud dont mind me and my useless ramble.
My thought is that this setup MAY help redirect the air flow and MAY give a chance for the oil drops to fall to the floor of the air box, instead of just pointing the hose upwards at the air horn. MAYBE this will prevent SOME oil from being drawn into the intake. At least prevent the larger particles from being sucked in. Maybe. Probably. Maybe.

You could put filters on the breather hoses, but the vapors will still get past the element and get sucked into the air horn.

The point behind the filter on an catch can set up is to catch any residue that may get sucked into the PCV valves/rocker boxes from the outside. However, this is going to be minimal (also see road draft tube). Our saviour, Lunatic_Fringe often swore this was the idea way to go when he was racing flathead Fords back in the 1920's.

That said, I put the elbows on my PCV breathers where the vent back into the air cleaner. I will probably reroute them to a catch can, if I ever get off my lazy arse and install it.