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Thread: oh9bolt's XB12R Rebuild to a XB12RCG Thread (BIG PICS ZOOM OUT)

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    After my accident last year (August 21,2010) I was able to put it back to my liking, modded that looks like it should have come
    that way from the factory.

    The day I brought her home, warning stickers still engaged...

    A half year into ownership of my Buell me an 2 other friends were having fun on some backroads, we are maybe 30 seconds from the end of the road and we come into a double apex corner the lead rider wasn't paying enough attention to the up coming road and leads us in to the corner too fast. The lead rider crosses the double yellow, the rider in front of me decides to call it quits and goes straight into the boulder, tree, and other random debris filled ditch, and I lose touch with reality watching my friend on his way to his death (in my eyes) and I do exactly what he did in the form of a low side.

    Post accident which I remember nothing other than watching him go off the road, I wake up thinking i'm going to die I cant breathe or move.

    The lead rider does a u-turn and comes back to me and my friend both laying in a ditch, other rider sitting up and in shock of what just happened. I was probably 30 feet away from him laying next to his bike, my bike went back into the street after the impact with the ditch.

    I managed to get my breath and take off my helmet (bad idea looking back) but I panicked. I told the lead rider to call my wife to bring my trailer so we can bring the bikes back to my house, while waiting for her to show up multiple people pass by asking if we are ok because im still laying on the ground, one of people that rode by said you are going to watch your friend die you need to call 911, so the decision was made to call 911 and go to the hospital and get checked out. After a short wait because we were close to a place called Mt Weather which has a ambulance on site that was a few miles away from where we were.

    I get to the hospital and get drugged up have scans done that I don't remember, I wake up to a couple people trying to put a tube in my side trying to get fluid out of my lung and get it back to normal it was collapsed, not a fun time.

    They got the tube in and i am moved to ICU where I am out of it for a while and when I come around my DR comes to greet me and advises me of my injuries.

    Shattered collar bone

    -2 broken Vertebrae
    -3 broken ribs
    -collapsed lung
    -and I had a small stroke

    Im shocked by all of this, I went in thinking that I was going to get checked out or have to stay maybe a night. A few days later and multiple scans they found a spot on my brain that they think is a tumor, great what next im thinking.

    9 days later I get out of the hospital cant stand up without wearing a "clamshell"

    My KBC VR2R that saved my life...

    Im stuck for 6 weeks looking at 4 walls, watching crap TV, and popping pills which made it better lol. I go and visit my DR now getting a little better walking around I can move my arm and do most things other than lifting something heavier than a jug of milk. He tells me I need to take it easy for a few more weeks than I can start taking off the shell and strengthening my back.

    A couple weeks pass and I go for my next visit and I rid myself of the clamshell, he tells me to continue to take it easy. He moves on to the spot on my brain and wants me to go get another MRI of my brain.

    I get that done and he wants to proceed with removal of the tumor. Im not quite ready for that I want multiple opinions, I get 4 opinions total 2 say its a tumor, 2 say its a bruise. I say I want to have a biopsy done (hole drilled in my brain and a part of my brain removed).

    One of the holes from the halo that was screwed into my head.

    I get the results and its a tumor, sigh.

    We schedule a date to have the surgery done.

    A couple months later and 6 hours in surgery...

    Done and Done.

    I go home again 3 days later for more couch time, nothing on tv, and more pills.

    Staples out

    A few weeks later with staples removed my head doesn't have a scab.

    Now its time to put my bike back together...

    I got off the old bent R forks first, and the R rear spring.

    I start buying the parts to get it back together. First comes the subframe. Thanks xtremelow

    Next comes suspension.

    I bought a SCG rear shock, and kickstand from a guy on clist

    I bought SCG forks, and the lower triple tree from jeremie91

    Lower triple painted black.

    I ordered most of the rest of the parts from my local Harley dealership Grove's Harley in Winchester VA all around good people.

    Fairing Stay.

    It should have been black on the 09+..VHT wrinkle black'd

    Its now ride able more or less.

    Cut pulley cover

    GPS Mounted.

    More and better pics to come when bike is completely finished.

    Sorry for the big pics and crappy cell phone pics I got caught up putting on stuff and never wanted to grab my XTI.

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    wow, amazing pictures and story. You are the man!

    Its great to see you recovered and back on the road again!

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    good to hear your back.

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    Glad you and the bolt are on the mend.

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    Thanks guys we both are getting back to almost 100%

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    nice work. bike looks good as new. sounds like you got lucky.

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    Maybe that wreck saved your life since they found that tumor. Great thing that your ok now! I couldnt imagine. So how bad was the damage to the bike when you crashed? You and the bike are lookin great!

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    The bike had a bent fork, broken fairing stay, rashed plastics, broken subframe, header wrap was screwed up the pipes stayed perfect, frame puck has a some rash, mirrors were broken, fuse/relay box covers were gone still waiting on one. Im sure im forgetting stuff, I had sliders front and rear which saved it somewhat no damage to the swingarm. i sanded down the damaged slider and repainted it and it looks good as new..well almost.

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    Hell of a story! Another reason to always wear a helmet. Crazy that you had a tumor!
    Glad you still have the will to ride. Now keep the rubber side down ;)

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    great story bike looks great to see you back on the the bike

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