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Thread: oh9bolt's XB12R Rebuild to a XB12RCG Thread (BIG PICS ZOOM OUT)

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    I was more pissed about my bike when the accident happened I was wasnt concerned about myself I was pissed because I could not ride for a while.

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    Finally made a thread, still a amazing story. Funny how things in life work out sometimes.

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    Finally made a thread, still a amazing story. Funny how things in life work out sometimes.

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    Some more pics

    Integrated tail light

    Rear slider sanded down

    And Painted

    Pegasus RSS

    Stock LSS

    Pic after first longer ride 140 miles

    Plate lights because the integrated light that I made doesnt have any.

    Cleaned Pulley.

    R Height/SCG Height

    Sanding the pipes, they were dirty when I took off the exhaust wrap.

    New 1125 emblems waiting to go on after paint is finished.

    armymp09's exhaust wrap that I did

    First ride with armymp09 after the accident.

    DMV Buell Ride

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    Nice, dude! Glad to see you're getting back into the action!

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    very glad to hear youre ok. i think i might have thrown in the towel after seeing those staples. great come back.

    does it ride any diff at SCG height? Bolts are fully adjustable like Scgs right?

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    Adjust ability is the same the ride is a little stiffer because of the shorter travel but nothing drastic imo

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    Wow wish I would have known all this prior to the ride, that's a hella story.

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    Yeah its a long story, I didn't want to have a sob story for myself the day we went on the ride lol.

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    Good, to see you and the bike are back up and running? Where are you located? I noticed that you went to Groves HD. I grew up in Romney WV and spent alot of time in Winchester. I am now station in Baltimore MD.

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