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Thread: swapping parts from a uly to a SS

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    so the frame and swingarm are the same, but the rake on the front forks are a few degrees different. and the suspension is different. but can most parts be considered interchangable? such as the seat bracket (dont know what to call it, i mean the piece that bolts to the frame to hold the seat and battery, ecu and whatnot)
    recently totalled out my 06 12ss and am looking to find a donor bike to swap parts from to resurect my precious...
    pictured and pointed out is what i would consider a seat bracket. mine broke somehow during the accident, passenger peg was installed

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    it's called the left tail section and sorry your aol it's a one model only part but the good news is more then likely asb has it. mine was $135 shipped unless you want to sport the whole ully tail on your bike with it's hella cool back rest :p

    scratch that seen your other post.
    your bikes done.

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    It doesn't look bad considering I hit a dually doing 61mph( speedo froze upon impact for some strange reason)

    I was under high hopes I could just throw a new front end on it and replace the engine mounts...
    Ad I wouldn't mind the whole uly tail, so long as I could get the rider peg bracket from one also. Saddle bags look queer on the lightnings, but damn some days I wished I had some more storage than my tank bag or a backpack

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    Please don't bother to rebuild that bike you will have a ton of headaches. I would part it out and just purchase an entirely new bike. You will regret rebuilding that as there will be so many hidden problems with a bike that was crashed that hard.

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